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Pre - Treatment

VAPRON DESIZE 1065 Desizing Agent for Synthetic Sizes
VAPRON WET RW 1020 L Wetting Agent for Denim
VAPRON BRIGHTON EX ANF Wetting, Scouring, Swelling and Stain Removing Agent
VAPRON WET SB 1070 Strong Wetting / Rewetting Agent
VAPRON STAB 1092 CONC Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer
VAPRON DET PWD Detergent with Emulsifying Properties
VAPRON LUBE 100 Lubricating Agent
VAPRON MER 1010 Mercerising & Wetting Agent
VAPRON MER 1080 Mercerising & Wetting Agent for CBR
VAPRON AF 2014 Anti Foaming Agent (Silicone Based)

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